How To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    How To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    Those who have dark lips, know the real struggle. Dark lips are never expected to enhance the overall beauty. Rather, they make the face look ugly.

    You cannot always wear makeup to hide all the pigmentation of your lips. At the end of the day, you have to reveal your lips, and that will make you disappoint, each and every time you look in the mirror.

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    Proper care can remove the discoloration of your lips, and this is not impossible. You can follow some effective tips from here, regarding how you should take care of your dark lips:

    1. Exfoliate Your Lips On A Regular BasisHow To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    Exfoliating the lips will help you to get rid of dead skin cells, and make them smooth and supple. When you can eliminate all the dry skin from your lips, your lips will grow new skin cells and start to become pink again.

    You can exfoliate your dark lips with a soft toothbrush. Just gently rub your lips with it in a circular motion. It will help to slough off dead and dry skin cells and stimulate the blood flow.

    Or you can use a mixture of honey and some brown sugar. Apply this combination onto the lips and rub your lips with it for one minute and it will lessen the dull skin cells and reveal out the rosier skin cells. But, don’t exfoliate your lips more than twice a week.

    Or you can use these lip scrubs:

    1. Moisturize Your Lips

    No matter, whether your lips are dark or pink, dry or healthy, moisturizing is necessary. Moisturized lips always remain pink and have less chance to become discolored.

    If your lips run short of moisture, they will become dry, and thus become discolored and dark, especially when you see the cracks on your dry lips.

    You can apply olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to your lips, in order to moisturize them. You can use petroleum jelly to your lips in order to prevent moisture loss.

    Or, you can use the following moisturizer to your lips:

    1. Don’t Forget To Remove The Makeup From Your LipsHow To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    Lips are always delicate. When you cover your delicate lips with lipstick and other makeup, and they might enhance the beauty of your lips. But, if you don’t remove them in time, they can make your lips dark and damage.

    Lips need to take a breath. Especially, at the night when you sleep, if you let these makeup stay on your lips, your lips might lose the natural pink.

    To remove the makeup from your lips, you can use almond oil and olive oil. Just wipe your lips with the cotton ball soaking in the oil.

    Or you can get one of these lip makeup removers below:

    1. Stop Smoking

    Well, it has to come. When you take care of your dark lips, no treatment can work according to the expectation, unless you quit smoking completely.

    The heat from the cigarettes can burn your lips gradually, and causes pigmentation. The cigarettes contain tobacco, which not only stains your lips but also make them dull and lifeless.

    I know, it is hard to give up smoking. But, you have to try your level best, if you love your lips and want to get back them with a natural pink color.

    1. Protect Your Lips From The Sun DamageHow To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    The harmful sun rays can seriously damage your lips. As the lips always remain exposed to the sun rays, especially when you are out there.

    Sun damage not only makes the lip dark, but also it can make your lips dry and burned. So, no matter what, you just need to protect your lips from the sun damage.

    For the best protection of your lips, you can wear lip balm with an SPF. Here are the best few of them:

    1. Stay Hydrated

    Hydrated body promotes pink lips. That’s fine if you moisturize your lips from the outside. But, your body needs to boost moisture from the inside as well.

    For that, you have to remain hydrated. You should drink plenty of water. At least 6-8 glasses of water every day, will be fine enough.

    You can also eat fruits, which are high in water content, like tomato, cucumber, and melon. Fluids and natural juice can also make you stay hydrated.

    1. Try Some Home RemediesHow To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    Here are some home remedies, which can lighten your dark lips naturally:

    Pomegranate Seeds: Take some seeds from a pomegranate, and crush them. Mix them with cold milk, and make a paste. Now, apply the paste onto your dark lips to increase the pinkness.

    Turmeric: Add a drop of cold milk with a teaspoon of turmeric, and apply the mixture to your lips. It makes the lips healthy and leaves them lightened. Rinse your lips off after 5 minutes.

    Beetroot Juice: You can apply a beetroot juice directly to your lips. It will lighten your lips instantly. With the regular use, the discoloration will be gone permanently.

    1. Quit Some Bad Habits

    We all have some bad habits, especially regarding the lips. One of them is licking lips. It happens mostly in the winter when lips become dry frequently. We lick the lips to moisten them.

    But, that doesn’t moisten them, rather makes them wet for a few moments, and become dry again. Licking lips can ruin the protective barrier of the lips, and increases discoloration. So, stop it!

    Don’t touch your lips with your fingers. When your dry lips start to peel off, don’t remove those dead skin cells with your hand. Never ever! And following this, you will have a nicely beautiful pout.

    1. Avoid Cheap Lip MakeupHow To Take Care Of Your Dark Lips

    As it is mentioned earlier, lips are delicate. So, if you adorn them with cheap quality makeup, especially those, which contains harsh chemicals, might darken your lips.

    So, even though the price seems high to you, it is always better to go for trusted brands, in terms of buying lip makeup.

    It would be great for your dark lips if you always treat them with natural stuff. So, make sure, the lip makeup you wear, is high in natural ingredients.

    1. Get Some Lip Lightening Cream

    You can use lip lightening cream to get rid of dark lips. This is the easiest way to erase the discoloration on the lips.

    Here are some good ones. Check them out:

    Proper care can help you to get rid of dark lips, and get back the pink lips. Just, don’t give up in the midway, and don’t skip the lip care routine. Be consistent!


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