How To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    How To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    Red lipstick is always glamorous. I am not heard of any color other than red, which can make the lips more attractive. That’s why; you can find most of the hot actresses of the Hollywood in public, wearing red lipstick. Because red lips show extra appeal.

    But, you might be wondering, when you compare yourself with a model wearing red lipstick, who is looking absolutely hot in red shade, but your lips are spreading less hot in the exactly the same shade. Can you guess, where is the difference?

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    If you are trying the exact same brand and shade, and if still, you notice that your lips are not getting expected attractiveness, then you should check the way you have worn the lipstick.

    The point is, how your lips will look, mostly depends on, how you are wearing the lipstick, compared to the shade and brand you got.

    The celebrity actresses look hot and sexy in red lipsticks because there are makeup artists working behind the scene, who know how to apply red lipstick perfectly.

    Now, if you want to get the exact same look on your lips, you should know that too. Don’t worry, this is neither a magic nor a rocket science. You can get that too, let’s see:

    How to Apply Red Lipstick perfectly

    Step 1: Select The Right Shade Of Red LipstickHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    This is the beginning part. Red lipstick has plenty of shades. Now, the question is, which one of the shades, is going to look perfect on your lips?

    Yes, red is for everybody, but I recommend to follow your complexion. However, sheerer or darker red can go for everyone.

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    To test the shade of red lipstick, use the color on your fingertips, and hold it next to your lips so that you can get the sense, which shade looks on your lips.

    However, those who have warmer undertone can go for warm reds, coral or orange based reds. Blue based shades look better on the cooler undertones.

    Step 2: Prime/Exfoliate Your Lips For Smooth And Even PoutHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    Now, you can start for wearing the lipstick. After you get the shades, you should smooth the surface or prime your lips. This one is the crucial part. Get a clean mascara or soft toothbrush, and start buffing your lips gently.  It will remove the dead and dry skin from your lips.

    You can also use a sugar scrub to smooth the surface of your lips (read about more natural lip scrubs). Mix some brown sugar with some honey. Apply this mixture on the lips and run them with it for one minute. The sugar removes the dead and dull skin cells and honey moisturizes and smoothens the lips.

    Step 3: Add Some Moisture With A Lip BalmHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    When you get passed the 2nd step, you should add some moisture to your lips. Because, you are going to cover your lips for long, and it will need some moisture. You can apply a lip balm onto your lips. Or, you can follow the natural process. I recommend Argan Oil to moisturize the lips, as it is not too shiny.

    Here are some moisturizing lip balms, which can be used in this step:

    Step 4: Outline Your Lips With A Lip LinerHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    This is the time to pick your lip liner or lip pencil. You should draw the line on your lips so that no mistake can occur. Use a sharp lip liner to get the crisp, and perfect wearing of the lipstick. At first, trace the outer contour of the lips, and move slightly towards the center. Lastly, thicken up the outer line.

    These two are the best lip liners to me:

    Step 5: Brush Your Lips Up With A Red Lip ColorHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    Now, get a lipstick brush to fill in the lips with the color you have picked. Take time in this step, and go very careful. It is better to use short brush strokes. If you want to have bold color, you need to have a bit more control. Try to get a thin layer, and don’t let it travel outside the line. Start from the center to make it even fuller.

    Step 6: Set Your Lipstick Color For Long LastingHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    After brushing up your lips, you need to set the color now. For that, get any kind of powder with talc. Pot the powder over your lips with a foundation brush. You can add another thin layer of lipstick afterward.

     Step 7: Correct the MistakeHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    Despite being so careful, you might end up some color outside the line. Now, you need to correct the mistake. Get a concealer to make that happen. Take concealer brush, run it around the line carefully, in order to get crisp edges. Clean up all the mess you made, while applying the color.

    Step 8: Add Some Extra Shine With A Lip GlossHow To Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

    This step is completely optional. After applying the lipstick, you can add some extra shine with the touch of a lip gloss. However, that will not be permanent. You can finish it with a lip gloss if you want.

    That’s it. You are done with wearing red lipstick perfectly. Now, let’s some check for some additional information:

    Some Tips to Be Remembered While Applying Lipstick

    1. Don’t be fooled by the color. All the lipstick’s color might beautiful to look, but pick that one, which goes with your skin tone.
    2. Do not skip the moisturizing part before you wear lipstick.
    3. Do not wear lipstick on cracked lips. It might worsen the condition.
    4. Avoid cheap quality lipstick brands. It is better to stick to trusted brands in terms of buying lipstick.
    5. If you have thin lips, it is better to avoid deep red colors.
    6. Never forget to remove lipstick from your lips, before you go to bed at night.

    You use lipstick to make your lips more beautiful. So, don’t let the lipstick be responsible for ruining your lips.


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