16 Best Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin Tones

    best lipstick shades for dusky skin

    Skin tone never measures beauty. No matter whether your skin tone is fair or dark, or dusky, you will still look below than the average if you have a lack of your face.

    Yes, your appearance will determine, how you will be taken in the society, party, and occasion. To make your appearance look as expected, you have to emphasize on every makeup issue.

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    Lips are the bigger ones to make you lucrative. But, finding the perfect lipstick shades is a pretty hard. And if you have the dusky skin tone, it is harder enough to get the best-suited lipstick because all shades do not look praiseworthy on this skin tone.

    But, I made it easy. I collected the best lipstick shades for dusky skin in one place. You can choose any one from this list. And don’t stick to just one shade. Wear various lipsticks at different times of the day.

    The Best Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin Women

    1. Pinkbest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    The beauty of pink shade is, it appears perfect for all skin types: fair, dark, olive, dusky and so on. Pink is a universal shade of lipstick, ignored by mostly none. No matter which skin tone you have, the pink shade will make your lips more focused, and look amazingly cute. These two are the most popular pink shades; you might want to keep them in your collection:

    1. Copper Brown

    This shade is one of the perfect colors for the lips, especially for those who have dusky skin. It makes the lips look highly tempting. It goes with the complexion flawlessly. You can wear the lipsticks in this shade in any types of occasions. You can grab these two:

    1. Nudebest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    Nude lipsticks are always on the favorite list of the women. The women with dusky skin do not want to miss this shade for their lips. The pout on the dusky skin need to be looked calm and cute, and that’s what this shade actually does. Not only that nude shade can suits pretty on all skin tones. Check these lipsticks out:

    1. Red

    Who doesn’t love red lipstick? It makes the lips look quite attractive and ravishing on the dusky skin tone. Even this shade is perfect for the fair skin tone as well as it adds a naughty look to the appearance. In order to wear the red lipstick on the dusky skin, start with a nude or red lip liner. Then, follow with the lipstick. Here are two of the best red lipsticks:

    1. Magentabest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    Magenta looks like pink but actually, it is not. Rose pink is more subtle and lighter, on the other hand, magenta is bit brasher. So, don’t get confused between them. However, magenta would be really a great pick for the dusky skin, especially for the women of Asia. These two are known as the most popular magenta lipsticks:

    1. Bronze

    Bronze is always glamorous and lustrous. The lipsticks in this shade are just for the dusky skin toned women. It doesn’t make the lips too flamboyant rather making them look much sophisticated. You can stick to this shade for your day and night event. See the best Bronze Lipsticks:

    1. Chocolate Brownbest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    First of all, this is not copper brown. Copper Brown is on the list, which is a bit lighter while the chocolate Brown looks chocolaty. This shade gives the lips a whole new and different look. It imparts a trendy look on the dusky skin and makes the face look complete. Here are best two of them:

    1. Rose Pink

    Dusky skin actually takes the brighter shades of rose, and the rose pink is a perfect one. If you are a lipstick freak, you must know the difference between Pink and Rose Pink. Pink has already been mentioned but rose pink really something special for the dusky skin, thus worth note separately. See these two in the rose pink shade:

    1. Taupebest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    This shade looks really marvelous on the dusky and darker skin women. It can make your lips expressed your inner glow and turn your entire face into absolute beauty. The point is you can literally wear this shade on your lips to beautify your appearance and thus steal all the gazes. You can look at these two lipsticks if you want to get this shade in your collection:

    1. Fuchsia

    This one is another shade of pink perfect for dusky skin. Usually, the women who have dusky skin suffer for their face because of remaining unnoticed. This shade can adorn the lips, and make them catching all the attention.  Here are the best two:

    1. Deep Plumbest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    You can find lots of lipstick shades for your dusky skin but this one can do wonders with your appearance. It blends with your skin tone and brings a great, iconic look. It will boost your confidence up in any party or occasion. It decorates the lips with a bold look. Check these two:

    1. Maroon

    Though Red is on this list, if you don’t stick to the red shade, you can go for another version of red, and it is Maroon! This shade can take your lips to a whole new level, and make your lips look unbelievably stunning. Maroon lipsticks are also popular for other skin tones like dark, medium, deep, olive, etc. Here two of them:

    1. Burgundybest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    It is another royal lipstick color for dark or dusky skin tones. The big benefit is you can wear this lip color in any time of the day. You can put on it for any occasion from rag day to dating. I like it more. Just crinkle up your lips. It is a deep color, so it suits more beautiful with deeper outfits.

    1. Bronze

    It is another wonderful lipstick shade for dusky skin tones. The bronze lipstick makes the lips plump and fuller. Choose the smooth and creamy type bronze because this one fits more gorgeously on the darker type of skin. Again, the color should be lightweight to get the complete look. You can use this lipstick for any purposes. Two best-sellers are:

    1. Orange Lipsticksbest lipstick shades for dusky skin

    If you have dusky skin with yellow or warmer undertones, orange is the best option for you. It peeps up sexier on this tone. Don’t use the bold or deeper orange, just light orange gets prettier. For your favorite parties, it can be the more appealing shade. The Asian dusky or darker skinned women can go with this lipstick easily. Red orange is my favorite one. See two best of the shades below:

    1. Purple

    It is a sophisticated lipstick shade for dusky skin women. But, darker type purple is more admirable on this skin tone. It looks great at all hours of the day. Even, the light darker skin women can wear this shade. It makes a playful makeup and smile on your pout.

    Covergirl Star Wars Colorlicious Lipstick in 50 Dark Purple

    These are the best lipstick shades for dusky skin women. Pick up your ones from this list. Use and let me know how you felt after use. Remember one thing that many women also do not sort down the lipstick colors. They just pick randomly and stick to them that look pretty, smooth and pouty. So, you can also do the experiment on lots of different shades and colors.


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