The Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin Women

    Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    Selecting the best shade of lipstick takes the major portion of your time, we give for taking makeups. Lipsticks need to be perfect, and they need to be matched with the outfits, most importantly with the complexion.

    The thing is, you cannot try all the shades of lipsticks without considering your skin tone. Each skin tone has different features, and the lips will look great as expected if your lipstick color matches with your skin tone.

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    This is very much true for the tan skin also. Those who love summer, cannot avoid the company of tan skin. However, you may not mind having tan skin but you will if you have absolutely no idea about which lipstick color to wear, and which one matches with your tan skin. From here, you can load your brain:

    The Best Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    1. Dark RedBest Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    The dark red shade makes the lips on the tan skin look really amazing. You will attain the vamp lips by using this shade and it won’t create any color clash. It is the most suitable color for the tan skin as it matches perfectly for all the occasions and events. Here are some Dark Red Lipsticks for Tan Skin:

    2. Pink

    Pink is a trendy hue, looks gorgeous for any skin, including tan. For another skin tone, you can wear several shades of pink, for instance, Light, Bright, Neon, pale, Mat and so on. But, for the Tan Skin, it is better to be selective. The best pink shades of the tan skin will be Warm Pink, Dark Pink, Barbie Pink, Electric Pink, Sheer, or Deep Rose. Here are some lipsticks:

    3. PurpleBest Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    Purple can have different shades, from where you can pull off one for lips. But, if you have tan skin, and you are infested to wear purple, you need to pick the right shade. The most suited Purple shade for the tan skin would be Purple Red, Smoked Purple, and Neon Purple and so on. When you are done with selecting the shade, it is time, you got the lipstick. Here are a few of purple shades:

    4. Nude

    Nude is a universal shade of lipstick, perfect for any skin tone, including tan even. No matter, which outfit, you have decided to put on, you can simply get a nude shade to wear on your lips. It matches with every outfit, every skin tone. Here is a few lipstick of Nude shade:

    5. BronzeBest Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    Bronze goes perfectly with the tan skin. It makes the lips look prettier, and smile the prettiest. The women of tan skin prefer this shade for their lips, thus it is one of the most popular shades of lipstick, especially for the tan skin women. Check these lipsticks:

    6. Mauve

    Mauve is such a shade of lipstick, which can make your lips look prettier and sexier than ever if only you have tan skin. You can hardly find a perfect match for your tan skin like this shade. It really fits wonderfully with the complexion. Find the best lipsticks in Mauve from here:

    7. BurgundyBest Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    This shade was born for the tan skin, I must say. It is also perfect for darker skin as well. You can wear this shade, from dawn to dusk, in every occasion, with every outfit. It brings the gorgeousness in the appearance. Here are some of the best Burgundy Lipsticks:

    8. Cherry

    As you have Tan skin, you can really steal the show with the marvelous shade of lipstick. If you pick the bright cherry for your lips, you pass the entire day in the jolliest mood ever. Here are some excellent lipsticks in cherry:

    9. Magenta PlumBest Lipstick Color for Tan Skin

    You can wear this shade of lipstick if you have the plan to go outside for all day long or to go for a hangout. It is a charming color to make the lips looks amazingly appealing. It is one of the best matching shades for the tan skin that also can make your life easier to get the best lip color from your collection. You can get these Magenta Plum lipsticks:

    10. Coral

    The coral shade of lipstick adds color to the life. For your Tan Skin, pick the bold one. It seems like a gift for the lips which provides a flattering look to the appearance. Check these best Coral Lipsticks:

    Some Tips to Apply Lipstick on Tan Skin

    • Start with lipstick then follow with lip liner
    • Use lip liner until it gives you natural and actual shape
    • Use concealer lighter than your skin tone
    • Blot your lips with tissue to set the lipstick last longer
    • Select shade of lipstick, which matches with your outfits

    As you have the tan skin, you might have figured out, which lipstick color you get. At this point, hopefully, you can enrich your collection more. Apart from these 10 shades, you might also like other colors, but these are most preferred ones among the tan skinned women. Hope, you will like them too.


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